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, which explains to the layperson how English orthography works in an entertaining but authoritative way.Vivian Cook has given talks all over the world, in Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Gaza, Iran, Israel, Canada and the US.He published a successful textbook about English orthography, and is currently editor of the journal Writing Systems Research (with Jyotsna Vaid and Benedetta Bassetti).

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Each chapter is charmingly illustrated—and accompanied by a rich assortment of games, lists, puzzles, and quotes.

From polite words to crass words, from p-c words to Shakespeare’s words, from food and wine words to jazz and drug words, the book is an exciting exploration into the abundance and variety of words.

He favoured an experimental approach to second language research and conducted various experiments.

He wrote a very successful textbook about Noam Chomsky's theories ( He also published papers on second language teaching, and developed Computer-Assisted Language Learning programs for learning English as a Foreign Language, including adventure games and syntactic parsing programs.

I borrowed this picture (described as ‘public’) from Tom Coates’ photos at flickr. Today exciting lamb sausages, on a bed of mash with some kind of sauce (tomato? ) left, none of the potato left and two almost perfectly preserved sausages with one small slice removed and presumably eaten. The picture reminds me of a University Challenge question where pictures were supposed to suggest titles of books or films.

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    (“He’s where I was maybe a year and a half ago,” Pasternak said, before Metzger arrived.)“Yo,” Metzger, who wore jeans and a puffy jacket, said. Those are dangerous.”“I’m never learning to drive,” Pasternak said. In fifty years, we’ll look at them like steam locomotives.”At six o’clock, Turner looked up.