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You may be surprised to find out that they have many of the same thoughts and questions as you do.

Current scientific literature prefers the term European early modern humans (EEMH), to the term Cro-Magnon, which has no formal taxonomic status, as it refers neither to a species or subspecies nor to an archaeological phase or culture. The body was generally heavy and solid with a strong musculature. The brain capacity was about 1,600 cc (98 cu in), larger than the average for modern humans.

But while you're waiting, you may want to carry a bag with a few pads or tampons and a change of clothing, just in case. You can experiment with different sizes and styles. SW Productions / Photodisc REFERENCES: American Academy of Pediatrics. Children's Hospital Boston, Center for Young Women's Health.

The extra hormones in your body during puberty may cause problems in your mouth.

You may also see changes in nipple size and color as your breasts start to grow. It's normal to get pimples -- about 85% to 90% of all kids do.

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    Up until now, the timing hasn’t been right, but now friends are wondering if that’s going to change.” The source also adds, “Julia is captivated by Richard, (and the pair’s relationship has) reached the point where their attraction toward each other is blatantly obvious to everyone around them.

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    Izzy Stradlin (then of Hollywood Rose, later of Guns N' Roses) and drummer Fred Coury (later of Cinderella).

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