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She may have made San Diego her home, but Ali Fedowtowsky isn't going to trust her trademark blonde hair to anyone but the best.The Bachelorette star waits until she is in Beverly Hills to get her hair tended to.So I'm three hours behind but I've been actively avoiding spoilers, ignoring Twitter and the world wide web at large. I don't know how Angelenos do it on a regular basis.

Ali explains the differences between Chris and Roberto. As they sit on the beach, it starts to rain and Roberto calls it the "coolest" experience. But first, Ali reiterates how perfect she thinks he is. She says he helped her learn about respect for other people. He thanks her again for cutting him loose early. They discuss the rainbow. Ali says she's in the best place in her life, and now believes in love at first sight.

There was "a special connection" right away with Roberto that was "so exciting." She feels "protected" and "safe" and "like a woman" with him. Ali describes her relationship with Chris as "really good friends who are just starting to fall in love." He makes her laugh and has "great character." Ugh, what next? Clearly, Chris is being set up as the safe choice and Roberto as the potential risk. Ali's family is PUMPED Chris is from Massachusetts. They go jet skiing, because Ali likes to "get on machines that go really fast." Hey-o! These two literally cannot say two words to each other without kissing in between. He says he loves Ali even more for letting him go before their final date and before the final rose ceremony because she was protecting him. Just kidding, that's very special and emotional, and I'm glad that it made Chris feel better. Ali says her love for Roberto is so strong "it couldn't possibly be wrong." Roberto picks out a ring -- a real sparkler. And now Roberto is saying that he doesn't want to propose if it's not the right thing, just to throw us for a loop. "The first time that I held you in my arms, I never had a doubt..." She tells him that he's the only guy there. She wouldn't change anything that happened over the course of the season. Roberto comes out and he and Ali nuzzle away.

Roberto beat out the other 25 bachelors on the first night they all met Ali by securing the coveted first-impression rose on the season premiere, and he was the last man holding a rose at the season finale -- a perfect bookend to their romance.

Ali Fedotowsky, 25, found love in her second go-round on ABC's reality-to-engagement show after bailing on last season's The Bachelor with Jake Pavelka (a good move considering how his engagement to Vienna Girardi turned out).

Roberto, a 26-year-old insurance agent from Charleston, South Carolina, dazzled Ali with his salsa moves, baseball skills and rugged charm early in the show.