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It occupies the southern end of the Western Rift Valley, and for most of its length the land rises steeply from its shores.” Burundians love to party at the beaches’ many bars and nightclubs.

The capital city of Bujumbura boasts a vibrant beach nightlife of bars, restaurants and nightclubs (you can see why I want to go back, can’t you?! The East Africa Tourist Visa makes it possible to buy one visa for travel to Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

Educated Burundians generally speak French – the man or woman on the street may not. Burundians are not used to tourists, nor having their photo taken – although the guys below completely disprove that point 🙂 “Lake Tanganyika is second largest of the lakes of eastern Africa.

It is the longest freshwater lake in the world (660km or 410 miles) and the second deepest (1,436 metres or 4,710 feet) in the world.

These are places that we will suggest you the moment you will decide to come to Burundi.