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Before Sunday's election, the Af D, which he described as a "collecting basin of the disgruntled" had camouflaged its inner turmoil, Vorländer said, but its bickering had now broken out into the open.

"That's a development that has been evident for a long time," he added.

Af D 'shedding its skin' After Petry's press conference exit on Monday, Dresden political scientist Professor Hans Vorländer told public Deutschlandfunk radio that if Petry recruited 30 "loyal supporters" in the Bundestag she could forge her own group.

Bundestag organizational rules require a minimum of 30 parliamentarians for formal recognition as a parliamentary faction.

Domain name '' fuels speculation The German news agency dpa quoted Petry on Wednesday as saying a web address "" (translating as "the Blues" in German) was registered in her name.