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So how is this different than just going to a cool new bar with your friends on thee weekends?

For one, the ratio of males to females at these parties is .

Wereko-Brobby says members were allowed to bring a guest in the early days, but that led to friends sticking together and not meeting other members, so you have go to these parties solo.

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"Sometime we get complaints from people saying it was awkward they had to walk to up to someone and make conversation, but that's the ."I love this aspect of the party.

Yes, it was uncomfortable at times, but having the mixologists there introducing you to people and knowing that everyone else there is in the same boat and ready to meet people provides a cushion that you don't have at a bar or party.

"We want them to be relatively attractive, but we're not looking for the hottest people in new London and New York.

We're looking for people you'd meet at a party and find fascinating and charming and interesting — that's the key thing.

There's a massive (and mesmerizing) fish tank in the center, which is surrounded with mingling twenty/thirtysomethings.