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If two-day shipping doesn’t matter to you, you’re going to have to bundle your purchases.

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The other options are standard 4-to-5-day shipping for $5 to $17, depending on the item; 2-day shipping which ranges from $12 to $30; and 1-day shipping that ranges from $25 to $57.

Amazon does not provide a clear breakdown of shipping charges — you have to place the item in your cart and go through the checkout process to see how much shipping will cost.

This is one of the most economical options, but there are serious privacy issues to consider — namely that you have to share payment information with one another.

Monthly membership — If you prefer not to shell out $99 in one go, you can opt for the month-to-month option. You can use the monthly service for select times of the year and cancel your membership at any time. That’s $33 more than if you paid the full amount upfront, so if you can afford the $99 in one go, do it.

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