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more The Sum Of His Beers You've got to be wondering what it would take for you two to live happily ever after...cirrhosis? more Yawn Juan In looking for love, a number of people confuse "the chase" with something closer to criminal stalking.

In their defense, these ideas don't come out of nowhere.

more Pay Pal Welcome to the "never say never" school of hope. She can do an hour and a half straight on why we need to "smash the patriarchy," but when the check comes, she reaches in her purse and pulls out a tube of lip gloss...

My Chinese crested, Aida, is also enrolled -- hoping with all her tiny purse-doggy might that rare metal-eating termites will make the kitchen table leg collapse, causing her to be caught in a brief but intense hailstorm of bacon... more Sparks And Recreation When you've got a position to fill -- in your life or the workplace -- it's important to bring in somebody who meets the essential requirements.

To you, the painting screams, "Ha-ha, I had sex with your girlfriend!