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He asked how much and I looked straight at him and said $1000 but we would see each other once a week . He agreed that was fair and we have been seeing each other for about 4 hours each visit once a week . We always grab something to eat and talk and of course spend a little time in the bedroom like any couple would . I would love and desire a relationship or arrangement like that. Haley the arrangement your looking for works well with the right combination, Caitil’s advice is good you have to make sure the man is decent and trust worthy and to do that would be to spend enough time with him to assure that before moving in too quickly.

Just recently I changed the terms of our relationship to seeing each other only once a month because I didn’t really need all the Extra money anymore since he basically got me out of debt . I live in Las Vegas and it’s so hard to meet decent men with money who are generous. I had such similar arrangements as a single dad raising a couple of school age boys I had live in’s with the arrangements I would take care of them and they would help me out with the boys running errands and helping around the house etc.-From a mans side you have to make sure you get to know the person first to assure your not bringing drama in your house hold, my 1st arrangement was my learning experience she was drama with friends coming in and out and drugs that ended fast, the 2nd one lasted 2 years worked well she met someone her age and we hugged goodbye and they moved out of state,the 3rd one lasted 5 years went well until she started drinking wine every night and being drunk in front of my boys the sex was awesome but was not worth the drama when she drank,the 3rd lasted 4 years and is still going we are close friends, the sex is boring but she is a sweetheart that’s not the problem she loves to take care of me yet my boys are now young teenagers and she’s not good with older kids so we are about to part in a very friendly way I got her a good job and home I wanted to make sure she would be ok, that’s why I’m not ready for a relationship,my plan is to get the boys out of school and moved out then find a good woman to settle down with until then arrangements seem to be working best for me.

Personally, I wouldn’t continue negotiating with him seeing as he clearly doesn’t value your time enough.

That is, of course, your call- but you should know what you are getting yourself into.

As an experienced SD I’ve learned many lessons from my multitude of arrangements -from my longest arrangement of 3 years, another over 2 years, my migration to semester-long arrangements with attractive, fit, academically intelligent, open-minded women that are genuine in exploration and expanding their boundaries.