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― You've got about 48 hours to cram in all the 2017 anime left in your queue before the new year's clock strikes to usher in a new wave of 30-odd shows.

The winter season looks pretty promising with a bunch of popular sequels premiering and equally exciting original projects.

The manga spawned the Haruka Sakurai is an English teacher taking over for a homeroom teacher who went on maternity leave, and Yuni Kururugi loves the way he looks. Thanks to that, her English grades have plummeted (everything else she has a perfect score on!

) Now she has to take extra lessons with him after school, and she discovers Sakurai's gentle side?!

However, when they're invited to speak at a convention, or hired by Lucasfilm to continue what they were already doing for free, any doubt that they've become a Big Name Fan goes out the window.