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This tactic is unrealistic as most of the US Armed Forces branches have banned this practice outside basic training and the Officer/NCO themselves would get a far worse punishment for having ordered the punishment. YOU ARE GONNA BE A GENERAL SOMEDAY, GUMP, NOW DISASSEMBLE YOUR WEAPON AND CONTINUE!

A very specific example of The Neidermeyer that, unlike that trope, will seldom lead his men into actual combat, because his job is to train them, then send them on to their next assignment.

‘Our attitude to the Forces has transformed over the past few years — there is lots of support, but the women were largely neglected.

Yes, they have coffee mornings, but there was nothing that seemed to bring them together as a whole community.’It was only when he arrived on the base that he realised how tough this assignment was going to be. The young mother was struggling, having waved off her husband, L/Cpl John Stevenson, for his first ever deployment, leaving her with their two children Brodie, seven, and Elliv, two.

Recruits often enter with at least a passing familiarity with the trope, and don't take it (or the instructor) seriously.