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"I hope very much that we can all move forward from this with privacy and peace." Lubet said he accepted her apology as sincere, but in sentencing her he noted that he was certain her conviction would affect her Navy career and retirement.

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These six regions differ spatially from the nine climatic regions of the National Centers for Environmental Information.

Once known as Eskimos, the Inuit inhabit the Arctic region, one of the most forbidding territories on earth.

Nowak's attorney, Don Lykkebak, has denied that she wore the diapers.

Nowak has said she went to the airport to talk to Shipman, who had begun dating Nowak's former love interest, Navy Cmdr. But Shipman, in her comments Tuesday, called that claim "at best, ridiculous," saying that Nowak, whom she did not know, had ample opportunity to talk to her, as she "stealthily followed me for hours." "I'm a very friendly person, your honor," Shipman said, adding that she would have welcomed Nowak's company "over some hot chocolate, while I was waiting for my suitcase to arrive." She recounted the incident and her terror as she realized Nowak was following her in the dark parking lot, as she could hear the swishing of Nowak's pants as she walked.

Shipman delivered an emotional victim statement before Nowak's sentencing, telling the court she remains convinced Nowak planned to kill her.