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Each slab depicts a seated person directing a pointed instrument to the throat or chest of another person who is kneeling backwards with his arms tied behind his back.

Petrie, Emery and Zaki Saaed believed that this denotes human sacrifice whereas Vikentiesf and Hussain believe it to be a tracheostomy being performed.

The human heads on the tombs of Osiris probably represent a tradition that, when Osiris was buried, human sacrifices were offered at his tomb for this or for some similar purpose. we once again observe the [four] burial place[s] of the sun's [Ra's] corpse..." There are no references in the text to the killing of humans for the protection of Ra as he travelld. King Aha - 33 subsidiary burials at tomb B10, 15, 19 Djer.

- 318 subsidiary burials at Tomb O Djet - 174 subsidiary burials at Tomb Z Merytnit - 41 subsidiary burials at Tomb Y Den - 136 subsidiary burials at Tomb T Anedjib - 64 subsidiary burials at Tomb X Semerkhet - 68 subsidiary burials at Tomb U Qa'a - 26 subsidiary burials at Tomb Q The sacrificed retainers, servants, slaves or even nobles or family members all had their own burial pits as part of the Abtu (Abydos) tomb complex of each ruler of the 1st Dynasty.

Despite the pictures, there is not enough information as to why it was done, what happened with the blood in the bowl, or for whom it was done.