Mob: CNN's Anderson Cooper was filmed by his crew as they were attacked by pro-Mubarak supporters in Egypt. Last night he sent Miss Logan his best wishes via Twitter Prior to Mubarak stepping down, the Egyptian military had been rounding up members of the press for their own safety after several were stabbed, punched, kicked, marched back to their hotel by gunpoint or hijacked in their cars.Her former news editor, Liz Clarke, said Logan had lobbied for a job at the paper since the age of 12 and had finally been rewarded with one on turning 17.


She has reported extensively from Iraq and Afghanistan and is now chief foreign correspondent for CBS News 'Part of me feels like it's really insane, but the other part of me made a very considered, rational decision with my teammates,' she told the website before boarding a plane for Cairo where she was attacked just a day later.

Speaking before the attack, South African-born Miss Logan had acknowledged that she had 'put my family through a difficult situation' but said she felt worse for the Egyptians left behind in the interrogation cells.

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reporter has been released from hospital to her Washington DC home where she will continue to recover from the 'sustained and brutal' assault which took place as she reported from Tahrir Square, Cairo, on February 11.

As a result, many Egyptian notables and merchants hurried to offer gifts to Ali-Bonaparte, who had come from faraway lands and appeared to be there to stay (forever), along with his matchless artillery.