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“I went to the app store and I looked up the top dating apps and those are the ones that popped up,” Sagherian said, adding, “Those are the free ones anyway.” Sagherian said his main advice for first-time online daters would be to tell the truth; people are going to find the truth out anyway. Not for everyone Psychology major Tia Hartsock, 22, used Ok Cupid and Zoosk for a year before stopping six months ago.

She found not all app users were serious about a relationship. “People just wanted sex and dirty pictures,” Hartsock said.

At least on dating apps, he knows if a woman likes him back.

“Everyone feels a little more comfortable at home, and in the privacy of my house I’m in my room, and I can message you and be like, ‘Hey, what’s up? Sagherian used online dating apps for quite some time before he transferred to Fresno State — Ok Cupid, Tinder and Plenty of Fish.

I thank God for this wonderful man, because He made this possible.