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I think there can sometimes be a barrier between music and the audience; if you put yourself out there it gives people an entry point into your world and helps make music accessible.And do you have any media tips for young musicians?Donald Trump choreographed the entire Miss Universe pageant to our second album 'Shine'.

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Dealing with the media takes a lot of time, but it’s an important part of music.

Part of a musician’s job is to connect with the audience.

One day when I was about to perform a concert, my teacher said: ‘What’s there to be nervous about?

They’ve bought a ticket and they’re here to enjoy themselves.’ This was reiterated by my time with Bond.

Always think about different ways you can connect with your audience.

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    Check out our picks and give us your thoughts in the comments section. 24; noon ETLast meeting: Justin Holman threw two touchdown passes in UCF's 17-12 win at Houston last October.

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    It’s painful to think about it, but it’s also sadistically reassuring to know that you’re not the only one hurting inside. It feels good to know your ex still hurts and suffers, and thinks about you just as much as you’re thinking about them. [Read: Googling an ex – Online obsessions] I got a call a few times, and I heard no one on the other end. But later that night, I got to know that a friend of mine from out of town was trying to call me and couldn’t hear anything from my end. The next few days saw me jumping with ecstasy and hitting rock bottom with anger and pain.

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    At first, Webb thought that ­women who used opening lines such as "I'm a fun-loving girl that enjoys…" and "I'm a laid-back girl who wants…" were dumbing down.