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A plane passing overhead was the highlight of the day for all children!

Of course, there was a flipside to Independence too - the chaos that the Partition brought with it. (As told to Zehra Kazmi)WHAT WE SPENT AND HOW WE SPENT ITPaper money in the 1940s, printed at the Currency Note Press in Nasik, featured the face of King George VI.

Not only had I failed in English, the man who placed such emphasis on health had asked me not to give out such detail. Then the phone first rang and someone said: 'Bapuji par goli chal gayi'. My father, in tears, came up to me and said, "Taru, Bapuji ko pranam karo".

Every letter Gandhi wrote, whether to Lala Lajpat Rai, or Leo Tolstoy, or Nehru, started with a line enquiring about their well-being. Then the entire world seemed to have gone into mourning. SYDNEY REBEIRO[Former professor of English and dean (Culture) at Delhi University]Ours is a fifth-generation Delhi family.

Every moment of being with Gandhi was an adventure.