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There’s also newtonica2 resort, an add-on or remake of sorts (available for $0.99). i Ninja by Geppetto ($1.99 / free version) One of the few Ninja-themed action games actually made by a Japanese company. Ex Zeus by Hyper Devbox ($0.99) 3D rail-shooting game with fantastic sound and graphics in Space Harrier style.

Deflect oncoming Ninja attacks with shuriken (throwing stars), eliminate enemies with knives, land combo kills or set booby traps in 28 levels. You control one of three giant robots to fight off an alien invasion.

It’s also possible to import OMPL files to edit documents you created on your computer (demo video). Zepto Pad 3.0 by Ubiquitous Entertainment ($19.99) This note and whiteboard app isn’t cheap, but it’s an extremely versatile, vector-based illustration program.

It lets you stream what you do on your i Phone to a computer screen or projector in real-time and has simply too many functions to mention here (click here for details and make sure to check out the video below). gotta Do2 by Istpika ($2.99) A social task manager that lets you knock off tasks from your to-do list to feed the cute little monsters living inside the app.

Up to 4 people can battle it out by using just two i Phones and Wi-Fi (demo video). Vay by So Mo Ga ($4.99) Originally released in 1994 for the Sega CD system, Vay is one of the best 2D RPGs ever made.