Reality dating shows and drama

That genuinely was a father and son rolling around the dirt fighting.

That's them; that's not us." That doesn't mean the shows just stand back and film.

"I think the issue often is your viewer cannot believe what they're seeing because it can be so ridiculous or so absurd, but it is actually, literally, exactly what had happened," Dash said.

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The scope of reality television has increased steadily over the last couple of years, with shows like the “Bachelor” gaining millions views.

With such a large following, its no wonder it seems impossible to escape reality television or to even question how it is these kinds of shows began to captivate audiences.

We don’t usually question what it is we watch on television or why it is we enjoy it.

All we know is that shows like “The Bachelor” and “The Flavor of Love” are sometimes the fluff pieces we need to watch after a really long and tiring day.

More than just provide enough comic relief to keep us fixated on the screen, these shows “promise more drama, suspense, and laughter while pushing the envelope of what is morally and socially acceptable, funny, and, of course entertaining” .