Respecting and accommodating cultural diversity in the workplace

Contemporary political theorists have labeled this phenomenon of the coexistence of different cultures in the same geographical space multiculturalism.That is, one of the meanings of multiculturalism is the coexistence of different cultures.The guests included prominent professionals — some even famous in our field- from all over the country, along with staff and board members.

Therefore, it is possible to simultaneously defend, say, a semiotic conception of culture and admit that a culture may have normative, societal, economic and cosmopolitan features.

The semiotic conception of culture was very popular in the 1960s, and has its roots in classic social anthropology.

Social anthropologists like Margaret Mead, Levi-Straus and Malinowski considered culture as a set of social systems, symbols, representations and practices of signification held by a certain group.

Thus, from this perspective, a culture is defined as a system of ideals or structures of symbolic meaning.

To understand the discussion of multiculturalism in contemporary political philosophy, there are four key topics that should be taken into consideration; these are the meaning of the concept of ‘culture’, the meaning of the concept of ‘multiculturalism’, the debate about justice between cultural groups and the discussion regarding the practical implications of multicultural practices.