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Texas Low-Income Groups Seek Enhanced Protections For Hurricane Harvey Victims For 12-Month Period Would Prohibit Disconnection For Non-Payment; Require Waiver Of Termination Fees, Late Fees, Deposits; Require Deferred Payment Plan Several Texas low-income and other consumer groups petitioned the Public Utility Commission of Texas to adopt enhanced customer protections for victims of Hurricane Harvey, and to require REPs to offer such protections, to be in place for one year after adoption of the rule. 25.480(j)(1)(B) New Texas PUC Chair Questions Whether It Is Appropriate For Oncor Customers To Fund AMI Deployment At Sharyland, Post-Acquisition Asks If Only Former Sharyland Customers Should Pay For Sharyland AMI (Such A Policy Would Introduce Non-Uniform TDU Rates) In a memo concerning a stipulation and proposed order governing Oncor's proposed acquisition of Sharyland Utilities, De Ann Walker, the new chair of the Public Utility Commission of Texas, stated that she has questions whether current Oncor customers should be required to pay for the deployment of advanced meters at the former Sharyland Utilities service areas proposed to be acquired by Oncor The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio issued an order granting AEP Ohio interim relief for the company to procure a portion of default service supplies for the period beginning June 1, 2018, in the manner proposed in a pending electric security plan stipulation, prior to a final order on the overall ESP proceeding PUC Staff Seeks To Impose Discount On POR Program Which Has Had 0% Discount Since Inception Staff Says Utility Should Audit Retail Suppliers' Compliance With POR Program Rules (Review For Errors, Compliance With Commodity-Only Receivables) The Maryland PSC granted a petition filed by Direct Energy Business Marketing LLC and clarified that environmental notice disclosure reports that are required to be provided to customers under Commission Order No. The Maryland PSC is seeking comments on a petition from NRG Energy, Inc., Interstate Gas Supply, Inc., Just Energy Group, Inc., Direct Energy Services, LLC, and ENGIE Resources LLC to institute supplier consolidated billing for electricity and natural gas Direct Energy Proffers Consideration Of Limits On Variable Rates, If New York PSC Feels Market Intervention Is Needed Proposes New ESCO Eligibility Requirements, Up To $5 Million In Security, Including $1 Million Additional Security For Door-to-Door Sales In testimony in the New York PSC's evidentiary review of the retail energy mass markets, Direct Energy, through its witness John Hanger (former Pa.

PUC Proposes To Prohibit (Non-POR) Utilities From Collecting Deposits On Behalf Of Retail Suppliers Utilities Would Be Required To Collect SOS-Related Deposits Even From Customers On Competitive Supply The Maine PUC has issued proposed rules which would prohibit electric and natural gas utilities from collecting customer deposits on behalf of a competitive electricity provider (CEP) or gas marketer Sempra Energy announced a revised agreement to acquire Energy Future Holdings, and thus Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC, which includes a new financing structure, under which Sempra Energy proposes to now acquire 100 percent of EFH at the close of the transaction with no third-party equity investors or EFH debt. 25.480(j)(1)(B) During a discussion concerning a stipulation and proposed order in an Oncor rate case, which is linked to a global stipulation for Oncor to acquire the Sharyland Utilities distribution service areas, Commissioners of the Public Utility Commission of Texas agreed to include a provision which will require retail electric providers to pass-through the savings from the lower Oncor rates (as Sharyland customers will be served under system-wide Oncor rates) to retail customers. PUC Commissioner), proposed several retail energy market changes.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has approved an adjustment to Duke Energy Ohio's competitive procurement of default service supplies due to the pendency of an ESP case which would establish the future auction schedule for service beyond May 31, 2017 A final Connecticut PURA decision allows the EDCs to use RECs that are generated under various long-term contracts an EDC has with renewable generation to be allocated to the EDC's default service obligation in situations where the EDC self-manages default service load, with any REC transfer occurring at a price that is reflective of the market price for such RECs and that is approved by the state's Procurement Manager (PM) Staff of the New York Department of Public Service have filed a report concerning the annual reconciliation of LDC gas supply costs (the largest component of default service) which shows that, for the nine LDCs with meaningful levels of residential migration (Central Hudson, Consolidated Edison, Key Span New York, Key Span Long Island, National Fuel Gas Distribution, Niagara Mohawk, NYSEG, Orange & Rockland, and Rochester Gas & Electric), the LDCs in aggregate under-collected gas costs by $36.5 million for the 12-month period ending August 31, 2017 The presiding ALJs in the New York PSC's evidentiary proceeding reviewing the retail energy mass markets have denied a request from the National Energy Marketers Association to subpoena the Office of General Services (OGS) The New Hampshire PUC has approved new electric default service rates at Liberty Utilities (Granite State Electric), for the six-month period February 1, 2018, through July 31, 2018, resulting from a recent competitive procurement ERCOT released its latest Capacity, Demand and Reserves (CDR) report which projects a 9.3 percent planning reserve margin for summer 2018, increasing to 11.7 percent by summer 2019 as more planned generation resources begin operating.

Text of a newly filed bill (S3560) in New Jersey to provide certain subsidies to nuclear generation would place the obligation to procure nuclear diversity certificates (NDCs -- the mechanism for the subsidy) on, "electric public utilities," for their distribution customers, and would not impose an obligation on, "electric power suppliers" Baltimore Gas & Electric has filed new SOS rates for the period June 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018, and also filed revisions to its current SOS rates to reflect a change in the bypassable SOS administrative charge, effective February 1, 2018 The New York PSC has issued a request from stakeholders for further input regarding the appropriate balance between the benefit of making more utility customer aggregated usage data available and the need to maintain consumer privacy.

"About Your Utility Bill", "About Your Discount, Rebate, Refund", "Urgent Matter About Your Generation Service", "Utility Rate Increase Notice") Pennsylvania PUC Issues "Reminder", Guidance To Retail Suppliers On Sales & Marketing Rules PUC "Urges" All Suppliers To Review Practices For Consistency With Guidance Guidance Prompted By Recent Marketing Practices That Have Come To PUC's Attention The Pennsylvania PUC, via Secretarial letter, has issued "reminders" to retail electric and natural gas suppliers concerning applicable sales and marketing rules, and issued further "guidance" on such rules From 12/7: Pennsylvania Proposes All Retail Electric Offers Be Disclosed In Terms Of Price Per k Wh, As Part Of Proposed Changes To Retail Electric Marketing, Disclosure Rules Retail Suppliers Must Disclose EGS’s "Specific" Prescribed Variable Pricing Methodology, PUC Proposes PUC Would Prohibit Termination Fees After Renewal Notice Sent Disclosure Statement Would Now List Right Of Rescission Pennsylvania Proposes All Retail Electric Offers Be Disclosed In Terms Of Price Per k Wh, As Part Of Proposed Changes To Retail Electric Marketing, Disclosure Rules Retail Suppliers Must Disclose EGS’s "Specific" Prescribed Variable Pricing Methodology, PUC Proposes PUC Would Prohibit Termination Fees After Renewal Notice Sent Disclosure Statement Would Now List Right Of Rescission The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) on Wednesday unanimously adopted a resolution authorizing the creation of a Retail Market Advisory Committee which the ICC said is designed, "to advance efforts to foster a healthy retail marketplace in Illinois." The New York State Office of General Services (OGS) provided notice of its withdrawal as a party from the New York PSC's evidentiary proceedings reviewing the retail energy mass markets.