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But I think it was a bit more to reflect on history and the elements of the story. And when you get into the picture, so this view does it make you fall into temptation because every time you look me in passing that familiar buzz and sweet as a first date with a girl.

Yes definitely pretty nice game, not incidentally the first in my personal ranking.

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Want to play it again now to see if I can improve my score as I see from other posts here there are still things I missed. There were enough text options to make you feel that you were making choices and not simply clicking through pictures. The videos are a pleasany surprise, and Mina, the model is incredibly sexy.

Mina, I need to do a routine inspection of your uniform. Now turn around so that I may examine your uniform from all angles. I hope everything is in order with your uniform, Mina. I need to ensure they are Amorous Airlines official issue. I need to examine your bra as well, Mina, obviously. Nice that one you get to the video and pictures there are plenty of different scoring options to get you through to the end without having her get the strop and putting her clothes back on. I have played this game so many times, simply because it is absolutely delightful.

Mina is the best part of the game -- I was really turned off by a lot of the aggressive dialogue from the male character.

In general, I felt like a jerk more than half the time, even while I was appreciating Mina`s beauty. This is what you did right You threatened to fire her early on | 3 You offered her a drink later and she accepted and got a little buzz | 6 You found out what `Shiver Me Timbers` means.

| -2 Your total score is: 107 five stars - You`re a champ! It took forever to load up the first screen and proceeded to take even longer to load the second page.