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Who knows, they may become clothing recipes in the future.

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Does anybody know anymore recipes or is this just it?!? RECIPES I know ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Ball gown silver jacket sea side serong super hero jacket set detective hat clown wig i would love to tell you but my dad says i cant tell there done post\making them or he takes a way my tv and computer in my room! I’m sorry but I read that the fairy princess ball gown is not coming out. ZYou just want us to kiss ur butt so in the end u can say, Oops i didnt know it and be all sorry and everything to me ur actng all reatarted u to samber or whatever get it together it anit cool! what do u want on webkinz just wait and you people r just waisting our $$$$ so stop and tel u real ones and everyone the webkinz cares gives it out so go buy a webkinz cares now stop stupid people waisters stop now every stinkin person unless u know it for real and stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the websites said that they are possible clothes it may not be true so stop getting fustrated. your just trying to get us to give you our exclusives for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well any ways here are all the clothing machine recipes that I know. If anyone wantz to trade, my user is MINNO2000B and my webkinz that i’m always using is blackberry the black poodle.

I mean really if you look at the webkinz cooking recipes…ther is a WHOLE lot more than just this! Stop with the HOW DO U MAKIE THE FAIRY PRINCESS BALL GOWN! and Hey could u PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us how to make the sparkly silver suit jacket! =’( hey you guys some parents are so mean that they can’t stay up to see what the webkinz recipes are so change the times or just tell use what they are it is so annoying having parents like that and if you know how to make any other recipes please tell me i live on making exclusive clothes and other items. Mayybeeee it’ll be a halloween costume but its almost halloween so like. PLEASE stop giving fake recipes (except warrior, lia, and sammib you guys at least give REAL ones) but i am so lucky cause i havent been trying the recipes tilly some1 says they work, sorry u guys who spent lots of money listening to people and get boring patchwork. dudes i cant belive you ppl i know the combonation my father workes at webkinz i wish i can tell you it all but i cant there forth i will resign from anyone on this blog i feel sorry for the ppl wasting there MONEY for a bunch of bull crap these stupid dingbats like gabby and them DONT BELIVIE ANYONE it still hasent come out yet keep waiting then mabey it will come out tommarow and dont be afriad to be a webkinz freak and sorry i dont mean to be be blunt. if you reall want to have the item of clothing try it yourself. sparkly silver pants: tan suit pants sparkly pink bow tuxedo shoes cowgirl dress: cowboy hat cowboy shirt sundress Toga: white jeans Kinzville Academy skirt flip flops Toy Soldier Coat: dogbeard’s coat mod jacket red tennis shoes Toy Soldier Hat: dude hat party hat funky plaid hat Wizard’s apprentice robe: Academy sweater tuxedo pants wizard’s hat Tie Die Top: purple pajama top blue and yellow fleece flower power swimsuit top Glass Slippers: funky girl glasses princess hat ruby hat Patched Denim Jacket: green layered tee shirt purple layered tee shirt jeans Clown Nose: silver pants funky girl shoes yellow sun dress Clown Wig: wheel of wow top hat party hat red bow Clown shoes: rainbow belt straw hat black and white tennis shoes Seaside Sarong: pink hearts bow yellow tank top straw skirt Sparkly Silver Suit Jacket: tuxedo top sparkly pink bow vacation sunshine shirt Detective Cap: funky plaid hat aviator hat straw hat Superhero Mask: funky girl glasses purple beanie vacation sunshine swimsuit top Superhero Outfit: ninja costume scarecrow costume sundress Superhero shoes: glass slippers ruby slippers vacation sunshine sandals Venetian Mask: tiara funky girl glasses floppy straw sunshine hat Fairy Princess Ball Gown: sundress ninja costume rainbow stripe pants I hope that this helped. THNX whoever sends me the recipe to fairy ball gown or mask will get a panda slide, signature item AND, either a super bed or the trading card collector fountain, depends if it is fairy gown or mask, my email is [email protected] thank you people I DO know them all because my dad works for ganz.

But, what are ya to expect because you know this clothing thing has JUST come out. SO BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH IN YOUR FACE HA HA HA HA HA HA (COUGH COUGH) HA HA HA HA HA HA ! Well I’m very sorry I can’t tell because we want you to find by yourselfs! By: Clubpenguin and Webkinz Howner okay, i read all the posts and you people really want it so illl tell you two iteams, if it doesn’t come out right then you must of bought the wrong thing, one of the iteams are modjacket, and black belt and one of the other ones i want you to find out(hint……………’s one of the iteams to make silver sparklypants. S why do you people need help from me and want this jacket so bad? To the all knowing you are VERY mean im sorry for what i said just please try to be nicer if u cant i get it ang i can try to help u guys out but i cant say much ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. (p.s.) Just wait 4 the ball gown, mask, clown costume, super hero costume, detective hat, and i think thats it but there may be more, but anyway just wait cause those may not come out. if u have a consernce of disaggrements, please email me at [email protected] i rather not have this to the open! if you do find it post it on here so everyone can calm down lol The Denium Jacket Recipe, if you click “i”when you are on the directions for the clothing recipe it is Green Layered Tee Purple Layered Tee Jeans = Denim Jacket W/ A star/heart on it = very Cutee!!!! you’re welcome hi i just would love to know how to make the ball gound if you know it please add me my youser name is usa8910 and then please send it if you do i will send you a super bed and other cool stuf please send it to me please or send the stuf to make it! your friend USA I’m only 9 so i don’t have an email address please give the recipe to me my family i will give u cool rare items from every rare theme except kooky scientist PLEASE give the recipe to me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you give kinzpost me the combo to ether ballgown or the silver suit jacket? I’ll tell you the ones you need Sparkly Silver Suit Shirt Pink sparkly bow Mod jacket Mary Janes Detective’s Hat Blue Bow Atvarior hat ( sorry I can’t spell that) Eye glasses Ball Gown Princess Hat Ruby Shoes Smocked Sundress Clown Nose Party Hat Pink and Purple Fleecy Funky Girl Glasses hi i need the princess ball gown dress and the mathcing mask pleze tell me if you know it or send it to my webkinz my username is redcream102 and i promise i will send you something back rare or exclusive and maybe even a super bed thanks for your help bye! where I am and I’m getting just a little bit cranky. (sorry it’s really long and I’m only making it longer by typing this, but yeah, sorry it’s really long.) EVERYONE!! there is some person named brittany and she posted a bunch of recipes. for this amazing ball gown i think you need the following: ( I DON’T KNOW IF THIS IS CORRECT I GOT IT FROM SOMEONE ELSE) - sundress ninja costume rainbow stripe pants i am very depressed. BYE if u think u know the recipe to something y don’t you try it b4 u post it cuz it wastes ppls kinz cash u ppl just r 2 lazy 2 try it and u want ppl 2 think u r cool when u aren’t.

warriorlover, can you please tell us 1 or 2 ingredients in the sparkly silver suit jacket! Oh, I saw someone in the clubhouse wearing the fairy princess ball gown the first three letters were MID! (THIS WAS TOTALLY RANDOM) SO SORRY CHARLIE (OR WHAT EVE YOUR NAME IS) HA HA HA HA YEAH RIGHT ANYWAY I LOVE PURENRG CAROLINE CAROLYNE AND JORDAN (JORDAN IS AWESOME) ! I know all of them webkinz and clubpenguin players!!! and i might not check here alot but i have alot of unsolved food recipes that were solved, clothing recipes some that are not on here, and a tip that’ll i sure on here: never gp on any webkinz cheats you’ll lose your money, your iteams, and maybe your account or pets. Sea side sarong: Pink harts bow & Yellow tank top the 3rd one ur going to have to figer it out ur self. your friend or not webkinz123 :p hey webkinz123, u bascailly just copied me! with lots of LOVE Does anyone know the recipe for the fairy ball gown???? Can you people stop giving us the wrong things i have spend the last 5 hours searching for the clothing but i did not get an answer. oh and bye the way, bobbyjoe shenandoah is a hunchback. Thank you in advance (it is Thanksgiving) by the way Happy Thanksgiving!!! username: princesssama on webkinz i have tryed like 1 million combos for each. okay here are the recipiese i know: Sparkly Silver Pants = Tan Suit Pants Sparkly Pink Bow Tuxedo Shoes Cowgirl Dress = Cowboy hat Cowboy shirt Sundress Toga = White Jeans Kinzville Academy Skirt Flip Flops Toy Soldier Coat = Dogbeards shirt Mod jacket Red Tennis Shoes Toy Soldier Hat = Dude hat Party hat Funky Plaid Hat Wizard’s Apprentice Robe = Academy Sweater Tuxedo Pants Wizard’s Hat Tie Dye Top = Purple Pajama Top Blue and Yellow Fleece Flower Power Swimsuit Top Glass Slippers = Funky Girl Glasses Princess Hat Ruby Slippers Patched Denim Jacket = Green Layered Tee Purple Layered Tee Jeans now stop wining and be patient they will be found soon ganz might give them to us for christmas! have fun with the ones that i gave you and work with them for now and stop wasting your money to find the codes! Good night, and stop bugging people about the recipes already! THE FAIRY PRINCESS BALLGOWN IS NOT A CLOTHING MACHINE RECIPE! BEWARE OF SCAMMERS WHO TELL YOU THEIR USERNAME AND TELL YOU TO SEND THEM SOMETHING EXCLUSIVE AND THEY WILL GIVE YOU THE FORMULA FOR IT! i took 2 hours and i went down this whole list and made every single recipe. for the people who said i tried it out and it works and then it didn’t. if you saw the tons of people who said please help please help and then you mess with them. if anyone wants to become friends or buddys wit me on webkinz my username is Janette350 u mite b friends wit me becuz i go in the club house a lot!!!!! people get on here and post fake recipies for the clothing, and i would know this cause i have tried every single one of them on this page.

I do not lie about wat ill do on Webkinz u might like the item u might not just depends wat ur opinion is. Toga= White jeans Kinzville acadamy skirt Flip Flops 2.

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