dating system california - Spore updating content database not responding

Spore automatically launches EADM and while both are running the game will ask if you want to proceed with downloading and installing the patch.

If you don’t have EADM currently you can download it from My EA Download Manager is installed and yet I have not been prompted to patch to 1.04 Check to ensure your Firewall is not preventing EADM from functioning.

Google 'spore patch 1.01 download' and grab the patches from fileplanet, which should be the first link.

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It may seem like it's frozen and nothing is happening, but just give it time.

The way to get your patches from EA is to use the EADM, but that doesn't always work.

Login failure after patch First try logging in with the colon format as follows: [email protected]: userid example: [email protected]: kaliena If that doesn’t help try deleting the file, this will force Spore to have you retype your Spore userid and password, after which you can set it to save that information again.

Go to the Spore directory: In Windows XP \Documents and Settings\(Username)\Application Data\SPORE\Preferences\ In Vista \Users\(Username)\App Data\Roaming\SPORE\Preferences\ The Application Data directory may be hidden.

Please right click and Run As Administrator the patch so that it can install correctly. Config files are located here: Program Files\Electronic Arts\Spore\Data\Config This link provides a more in depth look at the solution: Fix 2: Fix 3: The setup has detected that No version of SPORE is installed.