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Rajarajeswaram, also known as Brihadeshwara temple built by Chola emperor Rajaraja-I Thanjavore.Fully constructed in granite, the temple tower measures 216'.

The government has identified 1,068 tanks for renovation.

Named as Bhuvaneshar Ganapathy, now called as Manakula Vinayagar.

On that eventful day two bullocks of their own accord pulled a bullock cart up the 1320 steps.

Saravana Munivar wrote the most popular Chennimalai Sthalapuranam 700 years ago.

It is the only temple where Saneeswaran is worshipped along with his two wives Mandhadevi and Jyeshtadevi (also known as Neeladevi) and his two sons, Maandhi and Kuligan.