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On the back (shown here in the image), the customer service information is in the first panel you see.

A lot of places will do their best to bury their contact information. They list their email address, telephone number as well as Facebook and You Tube channel’s address.

That’s great because, in my opinion, when you actually open the box, it’s the last time that they have to make an impression on you about the quality of the unit.

UPDATE: Check out the latest from Sky Stream with the Sky Stream Two review.

The hard part about technology is that you either have to be first or you have to be better.

Just get ready to answer some questions about what it is, and what’s under the hood.

I’ve said this before, but I’ve been more and more impressed with the packaging for TV boxes lately.

Rather than blending in, the white color scheme sharply contrasts with everything else in your TV stand.