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Hard to believe what they did for the place in future years. I'll look for some photos that may be added to your collection. While stationed at Darby for those two and half years alot of great memories and friends that you'll never forget were made, Harry W.

Motor pool then was a shack with room to work on one truck at a time. Konrad Mayer-Sörgel ([email protected]) Datum: Mit CEST Betreff: Ihre Homepage Sie haben wahrlich eine großartige Dokumentation zusammengestellt! Fristoe III, 1982 Summer Games in Munich, "Graf" in the winter, "The Tupper Lake Howler", Downtown Nurenburg (any night), any of a hundered small neighborhood shops, pizza joints and taverns.

As soon as I do, I'll see what I can do to get them to you or at least the one's that are inportant to your web site..... Thank You for the memories and this wonderful site, it's some place I can now take my son and daughter to and show them where Dad was while in the service. Robert Weisner ([email protected]) Datum: Mon CEST Betreff: 87th Medical detachment(dental) I was attached to the 87th for 15 months in l955-56.

The years in Nuermberg are never far from my mind and you have helped keep them fresh. Thorsten Grosse ed mateunas ([email protected]) Datum: Fre CEST Betreff: 1975-1978 I had a hell of a time at C Co 16th engr Johnson Kassern.

I have been back a few times and I still belive that there is no other city that matches the atmosphere. Thorsten Grosse ([email protected]) Datum: Fre CEST Betreff: Feucht Airfield Hangar Hi all, we moved in the former hangar at Feucht Airfield some time ago and we are wondering, if there are any bunkers near or below the hangar. The drugs had ruined most of the troops and I hated the place that stole my youth, no girls no MPS, Noncoms would leave at 1600 and the place turned into hell.

We were fortunate enough to return in 1999, and were sad to see that most of the facilities had been closed, and all that seemed to be open was an Army phone/signal corp building. Sincerely Ron Szafranski Scott Ross ([email protected]) Datum: Mon CET Betreff: Montieth Barracks I was with A Co 123rd Maint Bat from 74 to 76. This gas had been there at least 16 years since the end of WWII. Ed Burns ([email protected]) Datum: Son CEST Betreff: Ferris Barracks and W. Darby Kaserne I had the honor of being a member of the 5th Bn 73rd Artillery in Erlangen from 10/64-6/66 and then joined the Nurnberg Equipment Maintenance Center in Fuerth from 6/66 to 10/67. Gus Buttice (@[email protected]) Datum: Fre CEST Betreff: W. Darby Dec.'71 - Jun.'74 1/94 B Battery & HQ Clerk What a shock!!!!

I still drive a semi like I did then, now a long nose Pete. I worked in the motor pool keeping the tankers rolling but thank God I only worked there 3 months, billeted at Merrill Barracks, and I was sent back to Furth, William O. There were the worst facilities there of anywhere I spent any time in Germany. Your photos bring back a lot of memories, and since both my children were born at the Army Hospital, they now have something to see. Started fooling around on Google and found memories from over 30 years ago!

I wasvery upset the last timei returned to Nuremberg/ Furth.