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The kitchen is one of the most-used spaces in any home – just one of the reasons to make it your own with a great kitchen renovation.It’s hard to overlook the costs involved with even a modest reno, whether you DIY or hire a pro, but as you read through this overview on kitchen renovation costs, we urge you to remember that depending on your home’s market, you may be able to reap much of your investment upon resale.“[In general,] high quality kitchen cabinetry is the single most expensive aspect of a kitchen renovation.

there should be some continuity in the quality of the finishes rather than one or two things being very high quality and the rest remaining mediocre…

Fully custom cabinets can be made to order for the very specific dimensions and layout of a particular space, thereby maximizing and optimizing the space available.

: Costs for fixtures run the gamut, and there are some stellar options at every single price point. In addition to choosing less expensive fixtures, you might realize that you can install them yourself too.

And lots of the $200 fixtures look as great as the $2,000 fixtures. Tell the contractor that once the room is painted, to keep the lighting boxes in the ceiling exposed and you can connect the fixture yourself. : Let’s assume that your contractor is cool with you sourcing some of your own materials; we like to position it as “you won’t get a markup on the price but it’ll save you a lot of work.” Choose and purchase your own appliances in advance of construction, such as during a Black Friday Bonanza.

So, in planning a kitchen renovation, though the cabinets are the single most expensive aspect, it is important to remember all of the other work associated with layout changes, particularly if they involve exterior walls with windows and doors, opening up structural walls, or moving plumbing on the interior.” Randazzese advises his clients to reserve 5% of the total budget for unexpected findings mid-renovation, and another 5% as an overage allowance so that homeowners can have more flexibility during construction to make some changes to their original plan or afford special upgrades.