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The issue will analyze how these appropriations speak back to the heroic accounts of modernism and to the optimistic transfers of instant development on the one hand; and to the discipline of urbanism on the other.

The variegated ways in which (modern) architectural artifacts have been “lived-in” may thus be employed as an orientation device not only to voice alternative city-making but also to redefine urbanism as the outcome of a multi-directional and entangled interplay.

In Latin American cities, modes of housing and settlement production are rapidly shifting with city-making becoming an increasingly unequal process.

User-based design for inclusive urban transformation: learning from ‘informal’ and ‘formal’ dwelling practices in Guayaquil, Ecuador, International Journal of Housing Policy.

This last element is precisely the angle chosen by the editors of this issue in an attempt to reconcile postcolonial analysis with the material culture of urban life.