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“Keep the conversation with an ex restricted to parenting,” says Dr.“Don’t get into the the he-said, she-said or delve back into why you broke up.(Exhibit A: Me.) “It’s important for a single mother to find a partner who is at her level and has the maturity to be a step parent,” says Dr.“He or she doesn’t have to be much older to be both of those things.” Known best for being the experimental and selfish decade, your twenties are certainly a time for exploration and growth – not only for your interests and travels, but for who you are as a person.

She was only 24, but she had had lots of relationships, and long ones.

The secret for that, I discovered, was that all of them were dated during the same period of 3 years, at the same time.

“I suggest single moms wait six to 12 months—that’s typically how long the ‘honeymoon phase’ lasts.” Holding off until then is a good way to minimize the risk of your child getting attached too soon.“Parents don’t always realize that when you go through a breakup, your child goes through it, too,” Dr.

Silva says you should also consider how involved your partner will be willing to be after meeting your child.

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