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New transportation systems led to the destruction of the Erie Canal along with the New York State Barge Canal taking over in 1918. mohawk river painting" alt="" src=" width="331" height="188" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 331px) 100vw, 331px" / Painting of The Mohawk River sizes="(max-width: 182px) 100vw, 182px" / STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE: During the French and Indian War, the Mohawk Valley was of prime strategic importance; to the British, it provided a corridor to the Great Lakes from which to threaten New France directly, while to the French it provided a corridor to the Hudson Valley and on to the heart of British North America.In addition, many settlements of the Mohawk, Britain’s crucial Indian ally at the time of the war, were located in or near the valley.

MOHAWKS OF THE MOHAWK VALLEY: The original inhabitants of common day Mohawk Valley are traced back as far as 10,000 plus years and included Algonquian people that later relocated from the newly established Fort Orange Dutch trading post region as early as 1624, otherwise as the name implies, the inhabitants were and remained Mohawks.

The name Mohawk Valley had its origins in the time period of 16-25 following the settlement of Dutch traders who established a post among the region of the Mohawk of Mohawk Valley as the Mohawk had become alliances and targets of the Indian Wars.

And, no one has been more maligned for providing misinformation. Through Alida, Nelson Greene claimed descent from Philip Pietersen Schuyler, who settled in Fort Orange (Albany) shortly after 1650. He read extensively about the Mohawk Valley and New York State history and as a boy contributed articles on local history to his father’s newspaper.

Over the years he had papers on state and valley historical subjects published in newspapers from Schenectady to Rome He studied art in New York City and practiced the dual professions of artist and writer on New York State and Mohawk Valley historical subjects.

A corporation was formed to build the Erie Canal off the Mohawk River to Lake Erie.