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But hey, maybe Ramona will get a tell-all book deal out of it!


That’s one of the issues, yeah,” adding that Karen and Carla wouldn't be returning either.

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since she has folks from all over the globe tell her otherwise everyday.

She gets pretty emotional talking about the mural -- which is in jeopardy of being removed entirely.

Literally, the rest of the 35 minutes was showing everyone else discuss why Carla didn’t show up to Karen’s party that was held at Renee’s house. Don’t these people have anything else to talk about…they could’ve shown Renee’s son AJ…he would’ve had more things to talk about then these crazy ass housewives. They discuss their relationship (or lack there of) over dinner…and I guess they come to terms?

In the end, Ramona calls Carla and tells her she wants to go to lunch with her. Carla obviously doesn’t want to be in the middle of the drama…but Ramona can’t help but believe that Carla is controlled by Drita. Ramona claims Carla has a ‘molded mind’…and can’t think for herself.

In December 2015, VH1 announced its decision to end the series after its sixth season, which premiered on January 13, 2016.

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