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They dated for two years until they broke up in August 2013.

Age: 31 Birthplace: USA, Connecticut Profession: Actor Credits: The Lying Game, Gigantic, Stuntmen, Hot Dudes with Kittens, Happyland Nicholas Hoult was rumored to have hooked up with Victoria Justice in 2010.

You'll be pretty surprised at what Jordan's capable of. Rottman: There's a scene coming up with the whole group together that shows who's in the know and what's going on.

It was the first time Jordan became part of the crew. We were all so interested in who did it, what was going on. Everything comes to a head in the fact that there are so many questions and people poking at different things, when you try to find the truth in so many lies, it's going to get dirty. The questions he's asking you assume he doesn't know [they're twins].

In October 2016, Victoria Justice started dating actor and musician Reeve Carney.