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Although prosecutors agreed to dismiss all the charges they brought against him except the one count to which Williams admitted Thursday, the agreement also required him to confess to the other alleged crimes so that his admissions could be used against him at sentencing.Sources close to Williams’ defense said he had turned down an earlier offer just hours before his indictment in March that would have required a guilty plea to the same count but would have prevented his other crimes from reaching the sentencing judge’s desk, substantially reducing the prison time he now faces.

When that largesse wasn’t enough to support Williams’ high-end tastes, government witnesses said, the district attorney raided his own campaign accounts and money set aside for his aging mother’s nursing home care.

One juror, Julie Dedic, 59, of Bethlehem, scoffed at the district attorney’s assertion that campaign money he’d spent on deep-tissue massages and facials had helped him become more electable. Meanwhile, years of text message exchanges, including one in which Williams described himself to a benefactor as “merely a humble beggar,” piled on humiliation each time they were shown.

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Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams abruptly resigned his office and agreed to plead guilty Thursday in a surprise move that ended a federal bribery trial that had dragged messy details about his personal life into the open, and had cast a deepening shadow over the final days of his once-promising political career. And downstairs, the district attorney’s driver stood beside Williams’ idling car, waiting for a man he hadn’t yet learned wouldn’t be leaving the building.