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The office said Blu was 'an aggressive animal' who 'charged the deputy, attempted to attack him' and posed an 'evolving threat'. Initially, the Nye County Sheriff's Office issued a statement supporting the deputy.

' Miller replied'Well, he was barking and growling like he was coming to bite me,' the deputy said.

' Tolle replies.'Kind of an a**hole sometimes,' the sergeant is heard saying.'Especially when I shoot his dog,' the deputy replies.'Even more so,' the sergeant says.

After approaching the front door, he noticed a pit bull galloping toward him from the backyard Tolle then knocks on the door. The dog, a pit bull named Blu, then appears in the frame as it is running toward the deputy.'Oh, don't do it, doggy,' a nervous Tolle is heard saying. Tolle fired a total of four shots at the canine, who fell off the concrete walkway and into the weeds. 'My dog was still wagging his tail when he was laying on the ground bleeding to death''I've been out here with this guy before,' the sergeant is heard saying.'Have you?

After the shooting, Tolle learned that his colleagues had been to Miller's home before.

Miller was outraged after seeing the footage and the apparent callousness of the deputies.